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Yes I know it’s Christmas Eve…and there will be a holiday blog.  I just had to make this short one right now due to a dream I had.

Everyone in the dream was completely imaginary but the premise was this guy came to town and helped me, helped everyone, overcome a lot of obstacles that we struggled with.  A lot of it was similar to the things I deal with having schizophrenia and anxiety disorders…but instead of just meds and typical talk therapy…this guy actually was able to take a more active approach and help people really overcome their problems truly…in just the few short weeks that he was in my imaginary dream town.  However, the day after this man left town, no one remembered him.  All our struggles were still improved…but we didn’t know how that had came to be.  I was the only person that remembered the man.

When I woke up, I was really sad.  I realized what I believe the dream was about though.  Throughout this past year, there have been several people that have made an attempt to help me get through the struggles of a psychotic break and schizophrenia.  Many people came into my life with the intent of helping me in a big way…but then also left.  Some of these people I never see…and may not ever again.  Some of them…I see every once in a while around town and we exchange polite greetings.  Regardless, I am the only one that knows how huge an impact they made in my life…and I am the only one that can keep that memory going.  So this is a thanks to all those people…who probably don’t read this blog…but regardless…I hope they have a wonderful Christmas.  I hope they are still helping people.  I hope the others they have helped in the past will find the time at some point to also just take a moment and remember…though these people are mostly gone, the impact they made lasts forever.

Pet Profile: Labradoodle

As my first pet profile blog, I find it only proper to begin with the breed of my service dog: the Labradoodle!

Now, Labradoodles are not actually a recognized breed, they are a hybrid or “designer dog…” an intentional cross between two purebred dogs, in this case the Labrador Retriever and the Standard Poodle.  However, by now Labradoodles have been around long enough that multi-generation dogs exist…that is Labradoodles, with Labradoodle parents, are being bred together and producing reliable litters.

Australian Wally Conran is credited with being the first person to breed a Labradoodle.  During the 80s, he was working with Royal Guide Dog Association of Australia.  A woman in Hawaii called to inquire about a guide dog that could be used for her visually-impaired husband…who was allergic to dogs.  Wally decided that the Standard Poodle would be an excellent option but could not find or train one successfully.  Therefore, he decided to try something, breeding a Standard Poodle with one of the Association’s top Labrador Retrievers.  From a litter of three, one of the puppies was hypoallergenic.  That puppy was successfully raised, socialized, and trained to be the Hawaiian man’s guide dog.  Soon after, calls began coming in from all over the world…people wanting to know more about this hypoallergenic mix.  Wally decided that it was time to put some serious effort into developing this hybrid…and thus the Labradoodle was formed.  During the 90s, more dog breeds were introduced to the mix in order to create a more solid mix…including the English and American Cocker Spaniel as well as other breeds. more…

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