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Knowledge That Can’t Be Earned

What do the animals know?

How to move better
Climb a cliff without a tool
Fly across the country without burning fuel
Swim through the waters and never breathe
Move in the grass where no one sees

How to see better
Spot a mouse a thousand feet below
See at night as though dark is aglow
Find colors our eyes exclude
Notice details never viewed

How do they move with primitive grace
How can they live among the human race
How do they speak with no definable words
How can they live peacefully in enormous herds

The animals know something we have yet to learn
Something we may never earn

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Saved A Life Today

I was going into a local bookstore today with a friend when we noticed that there were two pigeons standing in the middle of the road.  They didn’t fly away when cars drove around them…which was backing up traffic.  When we walked past, they didn’t even move away from us.  That was when I noticed that they still had some baby feathers and that their flight feathers weren’t long enough to allow them to fly.  We watched from several feet away as the mother flew down from the nest (in the bookstore’s sign) and began feeding the fledglings right in the middle of the road.  She also didn’t make an attempt to move them from the road.

My friend was impatient so we went inside to grab what he wanted.  Five minutes later we were back outside and one of the pigeons had been run over.  I was quite upset.  Why would someone drive over a helpless baby bird after watching all the other cars drive around them?  Seeing what had happened, my friend stopped being impatient.  I tried to usher the last pigeon out of the road but it simply stood between my feet as I approached.  It had no fear and didn’t see a need to move.  I looked around for a safe place to place it but there was no where close enough that the mother would be able to find it.  There was only a large parking lot and road.  The sign the nest was in was too high to reach, even with a standard ladder.  By now, a lady had stopped traffic with her car and was asking if the other pigeon had been run over.  I stated it had and she began talking about how horrible that was.  She took a towel from her car and moved the dead pigeon out of the road.  I grabbed the live pigeon and decided to take it to a local vet who is also a registered wildlife rehabilitator.  The lady thanked me for being kind enough to help an animal that most people think is a pest. more…

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A Service Dog’s Birthday

Yesterday was Sheriff’s Birthday.  He turned 4 years old.  Looking back, it is amazing to consider all that he has done this past year.  It was about this time last year that I really started trying to find a way to train him to be my service dog.  Last spring and summer, he began training and quickly proved that he was fully capable of learning how to work for me.  He learned several tasks that mitigate my disability and he learned how to behave while in public.  His training reached a whole new level.  And now, we spend nearly every day together, navigating the complexities of life.

This is a wonderful accomplishment for any dog.  However, I must look upon Sheriff with a bit more awe when I consider his life before he became a service dog…or even before he became my dog. more…