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A Rather Large Family

Not sure if I’ve mentioned it in a post before but, I am adopted.  I was adopted when I was three days old because my birth parents did not feel that they had the support they needed to raise a child since they were young.  I’ve known that I was adopted since I was in 2nd grade.  Since then, I had a little contact with my birth dad through letters.  Since high school I’ve had contact with my birth mom.

A few days ago, my birth mom and siblings came to visit me as they were on their way to moving to a neighboring state.  I had done some research about reunions such as this and all of them warned of the potential dangers or conflicts that could arise.  Fortunately for me, the experience was amazing and joyous.  They stayed for just over two days and I can’t wait to see them again.

I was never aware of the sense of belonging that accompanies being surrounded by family members you are actually related to.  I had always assumed that the way I felt with my adoptive parents was the way everyone felt with their own parents.  I did not realize that spending time with your true mother was like spending time around a reflection of yourself.  We aren’t completely alike but the similarities are numerous enough that she calls me “Mini-Me.”  My brother and sister were also quite similar to me.  The time we spent together felt more natural than any other time I have spent with another person.  The sense of acceptance and belonging was so strong that it did not need to be spoken.  I struggle to find the words to express just how natural and perfect being with this family felt. more…