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What To Do About Irrational Fears: The Answer

In my last post I explained the difficulty I was having with my delusions and dealing with them in a rational manner.  Well they continued to worsen to the point that I was suicidal; although, I didn’t really want to harm myself…it was more like my brain was commanding me to end my life.

Friday, after meeting with my therapist then talking to my mom, I checked myself into the psychiatric hospital.  They immediately took me off of the anti-psychotic I had been prescribed the last time I was in the hospital at the beginning of the month.  I know that one of its side effects was suicidal ideation so perhaps they felt the medicine was doing that to me.  One of the good points about this hospital visit is that there were never more than 10 patients on the ward…which meant everything stayed calm and quiet.

Saturday, the on-call doctor for the weekend tried me on a drug called Saphris.  That stuff did not go over well with me.  First, I was told it was sedating so I was given the dosage before bed.  Well aside from waking me up for breakfast and lunch, I slept until 5pm the next day.  Then, there was an issue with the way the medication is taken.  You have to stick it under your tongue and let it dissolve.  After it dissolves, you can’t eat or drink anything for 10 minutes.  That wouldn’t be so bad if the stuff didn’t act like Novocaine and numb my tongue and bottom of my mouth.  Waiting ten minutes to drink some left over soda was terrible!  When I was finally able to drink…it didn’t help with the numbing.  I had to sleep that part off and luckily the next morning I could again feel my tongue. more…