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In The Beginning

I realized tonight that I’ve never written about my experiences with the very beginning of this illness.

There are three stages of schizophrenia: prodromal, active, and remission.  Active is obviously what it sounds like, various positive symptoms are being experienced on a fairly regular basis and the person may be fully psychotic.  Remission occurs when most or nearly all the positive symptoms disappear and the person is just left with the negative symptoms.  Remission and active schizophrenia usually cycle with each other.

Remember what positive and negative symptoms are.  Positive symptoms are symptoms that a schizophrenic person has but neurotypical people do not.  These include hallucinations and delusions.  Negative symptoms are a lack of qualities in a schizophrenic person that most neurotypical people do have.  For example, a lack of motivation, a lack of interest in generally everything (including things that used to be enjoyed), a flat or blunted affect (monotone voice, lack of facial expressions), etc.

So that leaves the prodromal stage of schizophrenia.  more…

Another Year Searching for Reality

Last Saturday was my birthday.  For a couple days, everything seemed to just fall into place and be really great.  My meds have been working without causing any problems.  My parents and I have been getting along great.  For my birthday, my mom made two of my favorite meals: monkey bread for breakfast and manicotti for dinner.  Then I received my traditional mint chocolate chip ice cream cake.  The day before my birthday, one of my friends and her boyfriend took me to a Monster Truck show at the local Convocation Center.  It was super cool.  Then on Saturday night me and several friends went to see Rango.  My birthday concluded with a trip to Waffle House.  Oh yeah, I also got exactly what I wanted for my birthday, an Amazon Kindle.

I wish that life was that great everyday.  When everything falls into place and just works. more…