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Sometimes You Have To Live In Laughter

I have a few things to say about my week thus far, nothing really deep or profound though I suppose.

Sheriff is 5 years old now.  Today he went to the vet for his yearly exam and shots.  The vet says he looks good as ever and, as usual, was very well behaved.  I also took him to Petco and gave him a bath (and myself a shower).

I saw my caseworker at the beginning of the week also. She asked me if anyone had told me about my diagnosis lately.  No one had. more…

Adapt or Die

Tonight I am going to see the movie “Hanna” with some friends.  “Hanna” is a movie about a young girl who is an assassin. “Adapt or Die” is sort of the motto of the film.

Sometimes I feel like I am an assassin.  With stealth and smarts, I slice the necks of hallucinations.  I stab delusions in the heart and watch them die.  Usually.  Like all good assassin movies, I have a weakness…an opponent I have yet to defeat. more…