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He Is My Everything

I must apologize for my lack of posts lately.  I have two excuses for my delay in a new post.  First, I am working on a very special post that is requiring a lot of introspection.  I don’t know when I will post it…it is something I am really having to reach deep inside to write and understand.  Second, I am in the middle of working on a really big project.  Unfortunately, I can’t talk about this project until I am given permission.  But believe me, I really wish that wasn’t the case.

Those are my two excuses.

I realized, while re-reading the past few posts, that I have been neglecting to talk about Sheriff very much.  I thought I would remedy this.  more…

Under Pressure

Whew, I just sat down after standing in the kitchen for hours making 20 bars of soap.  I’m now waiting for the last batch of Cool Eucalyptus to harden so that I can get it out of the mold and package it.  It has been a long day.

There hasn’t really been a huge change since I last posted.  I’m just hanging on and trying to ride through the problems I’m having.  Today I saw my caseworker and I had to report to her that I have been hearing voices the past week.  The voices were all related to the tornadoes, no matter where those tornadoes were.  The voices told me that tornadoes were coming for me, tornadoes were going to flatten my home.  I was absolutely terrified one night when the tornado sirens went off.  The voices had been right, a tornado was going to take away my home and family.  In reality, a tornado never touched down anywhere near our house nor the city we live in.

I also asked my caseworker if she knew anything about me getting a new therapist at the clinic.  She was surprised, I was supposed to have been contacted last week about a new one.  Actually, I was supposed to be contacted 2 weeks ago about a new therapist but that obviously didn’t happen. more…