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Open to Suggestion

I often have talked about how careful I must be to monitor my stress.  Stress leads to anxiety which leads to panic which leads to an increase in hallucinations/delusions/paranoia, which finally leads to outright psychosis and/or suicidal ideations and attempts.  I’ve been lucky lately.  I’ve been able to manage my stress enough so that I can prevent the cycle from getting past general and specific anxiety.  General anxiety is simply anxiety that has been generalized to the world around me but has no specific focus.  Specific anxiety is anxiety about upcoming events or anxiety as a response to individual triggers.

I’ve had plenty of triggers lately but I’ve been repressing a lot of my fears and worries so that I don’t have to deal with them.  This is really a terrible way to go about things because eventually I must confront the sources of stress, but lately I have been unwilling to do so.  There are two major areas of stress that I’m most concerned about. more…