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Thanksgiving 2011

Okay, I’m a day late for Thanksgiving.  My brother brought home five international students which is always interesting (and hectic).  My favorite part is when we actually eat dinner and they eat foods they have never encountered before.  This year, a guy from South Africa tried cranberry sauce for the first time and he liked it!  This is good because I LOVE cranberry sauce.

Anyways, I didn’t start a blog to ramble about cranberry sauce.  I started a blog to talk about Thanksgiving. more…

Where My Passion Leads Me

I long ago came to the conclusion that I’ve had to struggle with schizophrenia, aspergers, and generalized anxiety disorder for a reason.  I am religious so I do give God the credit on this.  He is orchestrating something in my life that is larger than I can know.

One of the opportunities that has recently popped up is a way for me to express my passion about mental health recovery/management.  This is just in the very beginnings of getting started but I really hope it grows bigger.  I want to be a motivational speaker.  I want to inspire people, mentally ill or not, and show them that they can get through whatever life throws at them.  This message is important for all age groups and something I really want to help people with.  I believe that, once I get my brain organized into speeches, I could have a powerful message to share with people.  Scratch that.  I KNOW I have a powerful message to share with people.  Finding the outlet and fine-tuning my speaking are the obstacles I have to resolve now.

I do have an opportunity coming up in the next couple months in which I could talk to anywhere from 20-50 people.  Sort of a baptism by fire test drive.

I find it amusing that this is where life is taking me right now.  I used to hate public speaking.  I’ve always been awkward at it.  However, one thing I have heard over and over in my research for motivational speaking is that even if the presentation is a little wonky, the passion of the message is what really shines through and sticks with people.  I have passion.  Deep passion.  Therefore, I can do this.  I already know that I can talk about what I am passionate about.  That is easy.  And if my message reaches only one person…only changes one person’s life, then I’ve done my job.  Because passion can spread like a wildfire.  Once you set fire to your own light, it begins to set fire to others.  And then they spread their own light.

I can do this.  This is where I am being led.  It sounds good to me.  I’m ready to change the lives of however many people want to listen to me.


This semester I am taking a class called Introduction to Animal Science + Lab.  Nearly every week in lab we go out to the farm and do something hands on with the animals.  This has ranged from taking blood from the jugular of a cow to practicing Artificial Insemination with pigs.  This week we got to stick our whole arm (gloved of course) inside the digestive track of a living cow.  We did this to get an idea of how their digestive system works.

When you stick your arm into the digestive track, you angle towards the head of the cow so that you can find the reticulum and the esophagus.  This particular cow was eating grain while we messed with her so her digestive system was actively working with the new food that was entering her body.  That meant, that sometimes her muscles would contract as the digestive system worked.  When they contracted, you literally could not get your arm out of the cow.  You had to wait for her to relax.

This made me think about how we sometimes handle life. more…