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Who Rescued Who

When I first met Sheriff, I was told he was an Irish Wolfhound puppy…my dream dog.  Once I saw him, I knew this was not true.  However, I still felt drawn to him.  He was at the vet clinic for an adoption event…however not many people want a big, black dog.  I took him outside to let him run around and I sat down on an overturned 5 gallon bucket.  Instead of sniffing around, running, exploring, etc, Sheriff simply sat next to me and leaned against my legs.  For several minutes I simply pet him…each pet solidifying my interest in him.  After the adoption event, I asked if Sheriff could stay at the vet for a few weeks or so.  My first year anniversary with my boyfriend was coming up…I thought Sheriff would be an excellent gift.

When I took my boyfriend to meet Sheriff, he was no longer the calm, laid back dog I had originally met.  Even making eye contact with him caused him to urinate in fear.  Not a good sign.  Frankly, a horrible sign.  This dog had some serious issues.  The kennel workers told me that he was probably not far off from being euthanized.  Not only do people tend to avoid big, black dogs…they tend to avoid dogs that pee everywhere in a panic.  My boyfriend likely thought I was nuts for wanting this dog, but my mind was not changed.  Over the next couple weeks, we were allowed to take Sheriff to the local park.  He rode in the car great and his fears were not as severe once he was leashed and outside the kennel environment.  But, he was still a very fearful and under-socialized dog.

At one point, while I was at work at Petco, my boyfriend decided to bring Sheriff to Petco since my shift was ending soon.  At the same time, a local rescue was setting up for an adoption event.  One of the volunteers dropped a folded metal crate right next to Sheriff.  Sheriff was so startled that he backed out of his collar and took off running.  My boyfriend and three rescue volunteers took off after him.  They followed him across a very busy road and to the back of an ancient apartment complex…which ended with a drop-off about 8 feet down into the next shopping strip.  Sheriff paused long enough at that drop-off without leaping for my boyfriend to approach him and get him leashed again.  That experience really cemented the fact that this dog needed a lot of help.  I don’t know how I did it, but I convinced my boyfriend that we were his forever home…with my dog training knowledge, I could turn this dog around. more…