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Schizophrenia Is…

Is a familiar alien world
Where invisible beings whisper secrets and lies
Tiny generals lead wars in the cavities of bones

Is a loss of being
Not remembering how to interact
Social pleasures and an affect we lack

Is Maddening!
Because there is no reasoning with an insane brain
Because it changes lives so they can never be the same

Is in the head
It can’t be found nor destroyed
It is an invisible void not to be tampered with

Is thought to be evil
It is the illness of serial killers, murderers
It is the plague of the homeless

Is me
Trying to make it in a crazy world
Trying to hide my insanity from you

Knowledge That Can’t Be Earned

What do the animals know?

How to move better
Climb a cliff without a tool
Fly across the country without burning fuel
Swim through the waters and never breathe
Move in the grass where no one sees

How to see better
Spot a mouse a thousand feet below
See at night as though dark is aglow
Find colors our eyes exclude
Notice details never viewed

How do they move with primitive grace
How can they live among the human race
How do they speak with no definable words
How can they live peacefully in enormous herds

The animals know something we have yet to learn
Something we may never earn

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Stranger In the Mirror

So little may some of you know…but I used to write quite a bit of poetry.  For quite some time my mind hasn’t worked correctly enough to be poetic…but I thought I’d give it a shot.  Here is a rather pathetic attempt at poetry.

My mind left town after it kicked me to the curb
Left behind were paradigms and gently turning curves
In the mirror I could see a stranger yet to meet me
We shook hands and then he said

“Hocus Pocus I’ve got you
Watch everything as it turns to blue
Now people live inside your head
To get them out you must take meds”

A broken mirror on the floor
Its reflection was rather poor
I took a walk to get some air
But suddenly felt very bare

My hands they floated far away
Yet my feet were here to stay
Bugs were crawling on my skin
I began to feel like a living sin

Tulips and daisies grew very tall
People were running out of the mall
Whisper whisper in the air
Voices that simply do not care

On a journey I must go
Where my mind went I must know
Perhaps when I return again
You’d be willing to be my friend

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