San Antonio: Part 2

Tonight is my last night in San Antonio.

I’ve had an amazing trip.  I’m really not sure if I could think of anything that would have made it better…aside from being able to stay longer.  One thing I really like about my trips to San Antonio (aside from obviously getting to see my family) is that my symptoms take a vacation as well.  I haven’t had any hallucinations and my delusions are nearly non-existent.  I think part of it is due to the change of environment…going from a high stress home to a place I feel comfortable and able to completely be myself.  Also, most days are structured to some degree that is predictable and that helps tremendously.This trip has been quite structured up until these last few days.  Last Wednesday, my mom, sister, brother, and I went to Animal World and Snake Farm.  We saw tons of snakes and even held a really large one.  We also saw a lot of mammals and birds.  In the petting zoo, the goats were so tame that they jumped up like dogs to get to the feed in our hands.

Thursday evening, my birth dad arrived from Washington state.  It was the first time I’d ever met him in person.  He was great and it was cool to see the other 50% of myself.  Friday, he and I went to Natural Bridge Caverns and Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch.  The caverns were beautiful.  At that site, they also had a zipline.  I told him that if he went on it, I would to.  Of course, he wasn’t afraid of heights so I had to keep my promise.  So, 350 ft in the air, I had to step off a platform and trust that a rope and harness would keep me from falling to the ground.  At the Wildlife Ranch, we drove through a zoo and fed African mammals and ostriches from our hands.  My dad laughed so hard that he nearly cried when a zebra stuck its head in my car and stole the extra bag of feed right out of my lap.

Saturday, my parents and I went to the River Walk in downtown San Antonio.  We went through a mirror maze.  My dad and I went through a Haunted House (something you will rarely catch me doing).  We went to the Tower of America’s, a 750 ft. tower.  We also went on a riverboat tour.

Sunday, my dad and I went to Seaworld.  We saw the Orca show and the Beluga/Pacific White-sided Dolphin show (Azul).  We also rode the roller coasters.

Monday, my dad left and that was a sad day.

Since then, there hasn’t been a lot of structure so I’ve had a slightly more difficult with my symptoms, mainly the anxiety.  I notice that I feel more sedated/drowsy when I don’t have activities to fill my time.  Yesterday I worked on reading a book I brought with me.  Today I am writing this post and then possibly continuing work on a new novel idea.  Tomorrow, I leave.

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